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My name is Andrew Raby and Im a freelance graphic designer and illustrator located in Las Vegas Nevada. I have been into art since I was a young child. I knew that one day I would work in the creative field. I started out as a photographer but gradually shifted into a graphic design and illustration artist. I am still a contributor to Getty images and I think my photographic eye helps me while working on designs. I also love drawing and the mixture of photos and hand drawn elements is what attracted me to graphic design. I specialize in branding and really enjoy helping people bring their visions to life. I am easy to work with and will not stop until we create exactly what you are looking for on your project.

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Logo Design

Logo design is more then just an icon and some type. I do the research to make sure your brand speaks directly to your target audience and portrays your image exactly as you wish to be seen. Contact me anytime to discuss the options and to see what we can come up with to help get your brand to the next level.

Photo Retouching

I offer a full line of photo retouching services including everything from a basic retouching or blemish removal to a photo composition compiling multiple photos to create an unreal scene. I started as a photographer so retouching comes second nature to me.

Web Design

In todays digital world  you need a stylish and intuitive website to be able to reach a broader audience and also have a place for your potential clients or customers to find you. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune to obtain with resources such as WordPress you can run a full blown e-commerce website for a fraction of what it use to cost.


I have a more cartoon and urban style of art which lends itself perfectly to the surf and skate industry. I can create custom hand lettered logos or cartoon illustrations for a t-shirt  design. I enjoy drawing and it is one of my favorite services I offer.

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